About Us

Ever watch a movie with an epic battle scene where all the ancient warriors have shields, swords, spears and most importantly, armor? Thankfully we don't see too many people running around with a spear ready to stab someone these days, but someone had to replace these warriors in modern society. No doubt about it- Elon Musk himself would have led Sparta into battle if he had been alive in 480 BC.... Main differences are Elon would have actually won the war, he would have done it with only 3 people, and he definitely would not have been running around in some leather underoos and a red cape. Nope. He would have been wearing Stryver clothes. We aren't even making that up. We read that in the science book.

Stryver makes products for the warriors that are creating companies, starting businesses and grinding everyday because stabbing people with a spear is not the best way to change the world; You are.

Keep trying. Keep striving. Be a Stryver!



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